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Osteopathy in the COVID Era

I'm so happy to be open again for osteopathy in both Ascot and my new Kensington West London location!  COVID closed me for a short time but not forever! My clients have been happy to see me and I have been so happy to see them.  It feels like much longer than three...

Working for Team GB 6-11 May

As I've mentioned, I was chosen to work with Team GB and we are going to Portugal for the World Championships.  Clinic will be closed on the 5th May and will reopen on 13th of May!

Who is Tracy the Osteo?

Who is Tracy the Osteo?

The other day I was doing a livestream on my Facebook page about how to help your upper back and neck with a mobility exercise you can do at your desk. I had a question come through after the video – asking me to talk a bit more about myself. So – I went back online...

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Calf Strain

What Is A Calf Strain?   The calf consists of groups of muscles whose function is to point the feet and toes and support the arches of the foot. When in the gait cycle, the calf and Achilles act as a spring to absorb force and create push off through the toe. ...

Sciatica Pain Help

In my Bracknell area osteopathy clinic I see many people with the same set of conditions over and over again.  Sciatica is one of the most common conditions I see in both clinics. Sometimes it can come on suddenly, and sometimes it develops slowly over time. What...

Neck Pain Treatment Ascot and Bracknell

  When you come in with neck pain into the Ascot osteopathy clinic, you'll find I ask a lot of questions. The main reason for this is to find out if your neck pain is what we call 'mechanical' neck pain or if it could be something else which might require a...

Chronic Pain Management Series – Case Study

Case Study - Managing Chronic Pain with Behavioural Therapies This is Part 4 of a 4 part series on Chronic Pain Management A 64-year-old male had a 43-year history of low back pain which he attributed to working as a mechanic. Although he had seen a chiropractor,...

Chronic Pain Management Series – Behavioural Treatment?

This is part 3 of a series on Persisting Pain, a topic of interest to many of my patients in Ascot (Bracknell) and Kensington West London, where my patients with chronic pain live.  Part One explores what chronic pain is, and Part two introduces the idea of non-hands...

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