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Chronic Pain Management Series – What Works?

This is part 2 of a series.  Read Part 1 on Persisting Pain. As the advances of modern medical research have progressed, so has the development of manual therapies such as osteopathy. Once seen as a profession purely dealing with rehabilitation or 'hands-on therapy',...

Chronic Pain Management Series – Persisting Pain

I see a lot of people in my Kensington and Ascot osteopathy clinics who have longstanding pain - and they obviously want to do something about it.  Pain is a normal part of life.  It's adaptive and when it's short lived, it's providing useful information. From a...

Osteopathy in the COVID Era

I'm so happy to be open again for osteopathy in both Ascot and my new Kensington West London location!  COVID closed me for a short time but not forever! My clients have been happy to see me and I have been so happy to see them.  It feels like much longer than three...

Eyes as windows into health

Eyes as windows into health

Did you know osteopaths are interested in eyes too? Eyes can be thought of as a window into your health in some respects, and keeping your eyes healthy is as important as keeping your muscles toned - perhaps even more so! Check out this guide to understanding how your...

Vitamin D and Bone Health – Why It Matters

Are you getting enough? Did you know that I am also a health coach and that you can book with me in either Ascot or Kensington for a chat? One of the nice things about being a health coach is that I get to support people in developing healthy diets that provide enough...

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