The only thing in life we can really predict is that change happens and this is certainly true through all of last year and as the sands of early 2021 shift! 

I apologise for the relatively short notice but I have only just completely confirmed the details.​  There are two major changes in this post.

My clinic will be moving effective immediately from ICE Cryotherapy to Kensington Medispa within the Royal Gardens Hotel,  
2-24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT.

All appointments from 10th May will be at the new location.​ It is a gorgeous facility, with truly welcoming, friendly staff at reception. (If you have an early appointment you will see my welcoming friendly face instead!)

​To find me, as you face the Royal Gardens Hotel, you will see a lift to the right of the main entrance with a sign for ‘Anytime Fitness’. Enter the lift and press S to go to the basement floor. Exit the lift, turn right and turn right again and you will see Kensington MediSpa right in front of you.  Enter and either I will greet you when I free up or you will be met by the super friendly Reception staff! Here are some photos to help:

Entrance to where you will find the MediSpa


Press S to go to the Health Club (which is next to the MediSpa)


Turn right out of the lift, and then right again, and you are at the MediSpa. Feel free to enter and either be greeted by reception or take a seat and I’ll greet you!


I know I get anxious about new places and navigating logistics and timing  – so I hope these photos help.

(The rest of this website is not yet updated, please bear with me as there are a lot of changes to be made to the site, Facebook, Google maps etc – I wanted you all to be able to plan and rearrange things as a priority)

All appointments in May are exactly as they were except for the new location.​​​

Additionally, from 1st June I will be having to shift from seeing clients on Mondays to seeing them on Tuesdays.  This is not my choice but is a consequence of room availability.  Therefore – all paid appointments from June onward will need to be rebooked.  Any unpaid appointments from July onward will be cancelled and rebooked as needed. 

DO NOT PANIC! I am quite booked up at the moment so I have temporarily closed all diaries in London in order to contact everyone who is booked in June to shift their appointments to their preferred times before reopening the diaries.

If you have an appointment in JUNE, I will contact you separately via email​ to confirm your rebookings aiming to give you the exact same time slot but on a different day.  We can adjust them as well as long as they don’t conflict with someone else in the same exact position as you. I would appreciate a timely response so I may reopen the diaries.

Thank you all so much for your patience!!