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Perfect for pre and post event soft tissue care – perform better and recover faster!

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What is clinical sports massage?

Clinial sports massage is more than just ‘rubbing it better’.

I use a variety of techniques on the areas where you need them most – which may also be areas you hadn’t thought of! I take into account your sporting history, your performance or recovery needs, and tailor a treatment session specific to you.

I have helped a large variety of people, including both weekend warriors, semi pro sprinters and Team GB athletes. I’m also part of the Great Britain Ultimate medical team, travelling with our elite athletes and helping them perform their best and looking after their injuries. I’ve treated


  • long distance ultra runners
  • world class masters age sprinters
  • crossfitters
  • representative rowers
  • semi pro footballers
  • representative ultimate players
  • swimmers of all abilities
  • tennis players
  • hockey players
  • badminton players
  • rowers and kayakers
  • golfers
  • and more…

Why choose me for your clinical sports massage?

Sports massage is not a regulated profession, so it’s important to know the qualifications of the person you choose to work on your body.  It’s very important to get a diagnosis from a highly qualified person, and not just try to get a problem ‘rubbed better’.  I’m an osteopath, with years of clincial training to back up my assessement of your problem, helping to ensure nothing is missed that might need different care. If for any reason I feel it would be better for you to see another kind of practitioner – or if your condition requires a consultant or medical review – I’ll work with your healthcare providers to ensure you get the best care available.


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What to Expect on Your First Visit to Clinic

You’ll find yourself well prepared for your first visit – there’s no need to worry! There’s an ever growing FAQ, and the email you get when booking has a lot of information in it. Here are a few common questions:

Why you?

I am an experienced soft tissue therapist, courtesy of years as an osteopath. With me you get a proper examination and diagnosis, followed by targetted and effective treatment.

Will it hurt?

I always treat people gently and never want to hurt you.  That said, sometimes treatment can be a little uncomfortable for some people and you can feel a little sore the next day.  I’ll go through all of this with you and do everything I can do ensure you get treatment that is both effective and gentle.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely! Just like a doctor’s visit.  I can’t and won’t discuss your session with anyone, even if they are paying, without your explicit permission.  

Can I pay with a card?

Yes! I take all cards (well, I haven’t found one that my machine doesn’t like!)

Will I have to undress?

I’ll have to see your body in order to examine you, so wear something comfortable that you can move in – such as a shorts and vest.  I always have towels and gowns on hand to cover areas not being treated so you can be comfortable and relax during your treatment session.

What if I have more questions?

I’m more than happy to have a chat with you! You can use the button below to book a 10 minute phone call if you have more questions about what to expect. 

Why book with me?

Tracy Hannigan, BAPsych, MostMed, ND, DO, FNCP, ACTM

 I’m an experienced and fully qualified osteopath. I will diagnose and treat your pain problem, and if I can’t help I’ll do the ethical thing and refer you to a more appropriate practitioner. You are safe in my hands.

Last month, 100% of my initial consultations received a 10/10 rating for patient statisfaction. Get better faster and book in today.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Tracy. I went to see her because of a blocked neural pathway in my neck – very painful, and I was sceptical about the chances of it improving without surgical intervention. But I noticed a significant improvement within 2-3 weeks, and my problem has now been fully resolved.

Her approach was professional, supportive and empathetic in equal measure. Sounds a bit of a cliche, but I’d say her overall approach was to treat the person, and not just the symptoms- and I felt that that really helped my recovery.

Greg Hughes

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