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None of us want ‘The Rona’. Or anything else for that matter. 

I’ve always had a policy that has said ‘if you’re sick, stay home’. This protects patients after you – and me too. And patients for days after that – they want their treatments too, and I can’t treat them if I can’t work.  

In terms of COVID – I am required to follow all government, NHS and Public Health England advice.

  • That all people must first be offered the ability to book a virtual appointment.
  • Everyone who is symptomatic or who live in a household where someone has been symptomatic must be seen virtually.
  • That non-clinical services such as sports massage cannot be provided when advised by the Government.
  • That everyone who attends in person is screened regarding the above.
  • That specific disposable personal protective equipment be worn when patient -facing – ie masks.
  • That specific sanitising procedures are undertaken between sessions.
  • That all patients must wear a face covering. I am not required to make exemptions to this rule for those who cannot wear face coverings, but I am happy to refer you elsewhere.

If you are at all concerned, send me a message or book a free phone or video chat.  I also offer Telehealth services in order to continue your care through this tricky time.

If you have any questions please let me know.