To be responsible citizens, we need to take action to prevent the spread of the COVID 19.

I am required to follow all government, NHS and Public Health England advice.

  • Everyone who is shielding or symptomatic or who live in a household where someone has been symptomatic or a contact must be seen virtually.
  • That all people must first be offered a virtual appointment.
  • That nobody who is required to self isolate for any reason must be offered a virtual appointment and not be seen in person unless urgent.
  • That non-clinical services such as sports massage cannot be provided when advised by the Government.
  • That everyone who attends in person is screened regarding the above, and ideally their case history and catch up done on the phone to minimise the close contact required as part of in-person care
  • That specific disposable personal protective equipment be worn when patient -facing
  • That specific sanitising procedures are undertaken
  • That all patients must wear a face covering. I am not required to make exemptions to this rule for those who cannot wear face coverings, but I am happy to refer you elsewhere.

If you are at all concerned, send me a message or book a free phone or video chat.  I also offer Telehealth services in order to continue your care through this tricky time.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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