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It depends on the clinic!  The live diary always has the current availability (use the BOOK NOW button to check it out!).

My availability in the Kensington Osteopathy clinic is limited as I'm renting the premises and other clinicians use the room for their shifts.

My availability in Ascot/Bracknell is more flexible as I work from a residentially based clinic.

Using the online diary HERE!

You can email me if you wish, but as I will be with clients you may not get a reply right away - and in the meantime, someone else might have booked the session! 

The fastest way is always to use the diary.

I no longer do home visit sessions.  Usually if someone is in so much pain they can't get to the clinic, they are in too much pain to properly assess and treat.  Add to this the extra cost to account for me being out of clinic, and patients are typically much better off getting some initial advice or pain help from their GP, and then coming to the clinic.


If you book online you'll be asked to pay securely by card.

If you rebook with me in person, you can pay by BACS using the details on your invoice.

It depends.

I provide receipts for insurers who will accept them.  This includes most cash payment/reimbursement schemes through employers. 

It also includes WPA, CIGNA, and a few others.

I do not do electronic billing so you will have to pay for your appointment yourself, then claim back. I'll help you with the paid invoice, but the coverage relationship between your insurer and yourself. I cannot not alter service pricings or change dates on invoices.

I'm glad you asked!

These three companies have set 'nationwide' fee caps of approximately £30. This is not feasible (especially in London, unless in a large clinic operating on volume) - nor is it commensurate with the training and responsibility I have as a healthcare professional. 

They do not cap physiotherapists - and we are both Allied Healthcare Providers recognised by Public Health England.

And they limit payment to 30 minute sessions. My sessions are longer, particularly in Ascot. 

These companies would require me to take half the fee for double the time in the diary. 

I operate a low volume high touch practice - and it's just not aligned with these companies reimbursement policies.


Appointment Details

I will need to be able to see and feel the areas affected by your concern - this might be the areas of pain, or areas that could be referring pain.  It's best if you dress comfortably and modestly - avoid sports bras if you can as racerbacks can cover a lot of the upper spine.

I do everything to avoid discomfort  - sometimes temporary discomfort can occur but we can discuss this in the session. Some people get a bit sore after sessions but again I'll prepare you for how to help you get past it as quickly as possible should it happen to you. 

Yes! During COVID times I ask that you let me know ahead of time so I can send them a screening form as well. 

If you're under 18 you will need an adult with 'parental responsibility' to be with you.