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105 New Road
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Free Phone Chat

I offer free pre-booked phone and video conversations if you’d like to ‘meet’ me, ask questions about me or about osteopathy in general, or to see if your problem could be helped.

What I Help


What I Help

I help people with acute and chronic pain care with gentle hands on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and cognitive strategies aimed at building your confidence and ability to move freely – so you get better faster and do what you want to do.

I take a holistic approach to care, and use my psychology background, functional nutrition and expertise in sleep therapy to support your recovery and, if not in pain, your overall wellbeing.

Jonathan Cooke

Tracy was an absolute tournament saver for me. After tearing my calf Tracy guided me through recovery treatment and was a constant source of encouragement and patience. Tracy worked through a massage, stretching and strengthening plan tailored to my situation. I always felt safe and confident I was improving during the therapy sessions. Without Tracy I would never have been able to play the games I did at the European Championships. Massive thanks Tracy!


Back Pain and Sciatica

I help many people of all ages with low back pain, both acute and long term, along with sciatica leg pain.


Sports Injuries

I regularly rehabilitate injuries in amateur and world ranking athletes and travel with National representative teams.


Neck Pain and Headache

Neck pain and the associated headaches that accompany awkward or prolonged positions can be effectively treated.


Shoulder Pain

My special interest in shoulder aches and  sports injuries means effective up to date care and rehabilitation



It’s important to get headaches properly assessed. I can help you reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine.


Joint Aches and Pains

I can help you rehabilitate those nagging joint and muscle aches so you can get back to living the life you want to live.

What to Expect at the Ascot Osteopathy Clinic

Located in a fruit-tree filled residential garden, the Ascot osteopathy clinic location is within a garden studio. The clinic is designed to provide restful space to really understand both your problem and the context that surrounds it.  Regardless if you book for an osteopathy or clinical sports massage session, we can take the time to truly ensure we are making a difference in your recovery and I can give you the tools you need to stay well.  Between sessions and after your treatment is over, we stay in touch using a free app containing your rehabilitation exercise and self-care plans.  

I’ll greet you as a guest and client at the gate and accompany you through the garden to the studio for your session. Your welcome, consultation, treatment and aftercare will be handled start to finish by myself.

I look forward to supporting your recovery through excellence in gentle clinical hands-on and psychologically informed care.

Why Choose Me As Your Ascot Osteopath?


Experienced and Expert

I have years of experience helping people with sporting injuries and pain care and treatment. If National representative teams trust me to work with them, so can you.


Well Qualified

I’m a registered osteopath and health coach, and I have training in functional nutrition, exercise rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural therapies for both pain and sleep.  If you live in Ascot or Bracknell, I can help the whole you.


Well Rounded Holistic Care

My degree in psychology and health coaching training mean I can help you – and help you help yourself stay well. My goal is to see you well in as few sessions as possible. My longer than average sessions promote rapid rehabilitation.

Chat With Me 

If you have any questions about my services, you can book a free 15 minute phone call or a 15 minute chat to ask me more about my services and how I work. Alternatively, you can message me through Messenger.

I have been suffering from shoulder, knee, and back pain for 3+ years and I have visited a lot of physios, osteopaths, etc and no one has been able to explain how to be pain-free. I have already been visited from Tracy twice and I do really appreciate her treatment and her clear explanation on how to get back playing football and exercising. The truth is that recovering from and injury and pain requires time, manipulation, and strength exercises in a progressive way and, most importantly, a person who you can trust and can help psychology. Tracy will provide all of this!!! Thank you, Tracy!!!
Simone Fiorentini
Simone Fiorentini
Visited Tracy today , first time ever to an osteopath.She was very friendly, calm, positive and very knowledgeable .Made me feel very at ease .Have a plan of exercises to follow ..thanks .Looking forward to my next visit.
Deb Mills
Deb Mills
I went to Tracy for a disconfort into my lower back which was also extending to the left leg, and I was a bit worried it could affect the scaitic nerve. Eventually everything was OK, but I really enjoyed her treatement and I'm definitely planning to go back if needed.
Davide P
Davide P
where to begin? Tracy has helped me with my back condition for quite some time now & only, today, I had to get treatment after a considerable time (3 years) of not having to make an appointment! That’s because the treatment & program that she gave me previously worked amazingly. I can’t recommend her highly enough but not only of her expertise but as a person too!