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Kensington Osteopath athlete treated by Tracy Hannigan

— located in a lovely Medispa

What is osteopathy in Kensington like?

It's a great question, especially if you have never seen an osteopath before.
Osteopathy in the Kensington clinic is much like it is in the Ascot clinic. Gentle, quiet and with treatment totally tailored to you.

Osteopathy is a clinical discipline - I trained for four full time years to get started on the skills I've developed over the last decade.
Osteopathy is gentle, hands on system of diagnosis and treatment that helps with many aches, pains and injuries. I use my clinical skills, orthopaedic examination, hands on treatment and exercise and lifestyle advice to help people just like you get better - faster!

Who can osteopathy (and all my other skills) help?

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox, courtesy of a variety of related qualifications and experience. (if you want to know about all the letters after my name…there’s a page here just for that!)

I have helped a large variety of people, including casual and elite sportspeople, elderly people, manual workers and those stuck at a desk. People come to me for help with a range of problems including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, work strains, arthritis pains, sciatica, sprains, muscle aches and sports injuries.

I also see people for individual health coaching sessions revolving around sleep and stress management. 

It’s really important to get a diagnosis from a qualified person if you have any aches, pains, stiffness or other injuries – not to just get it ‘rubbed better’ I’ll assess you fully, give you clinical care based on the evidence, and a holistic approach to managing your pain to reduce the chances that it will come back. – not to just get it ‘rubbed better’.

The most common things I see in clinic include


What happens during a session in the Kensington Clinic?

You’ll either be greeted by myself or by one of the lovely reception team, and you’ll be seated in the lovely spa waiting area.

I’ll then come collect you at your appointment time.

As an osteopath, I will both observe and feel how your body moves as a whole – not just the part that hurts. I’ll follow that with any medical assessment or orthopaedic examinations needed in order to diagnose the problem and find out what is contributing to your pain. If you have a child with you, they might like to play with my stethoscope! (Yes I use one sometimes!)

I will offer you no-nonsense treatment with my hands, and lots of practical and realistic lifestyle and exercise advice. My aim is to help you get you on the road to looking after yourself, without unnecessary visits to the clinic.

After the session, you will do your rehab with support from me in order to speed your recovery between sessions and for long after our last time together.

If you’ve been happy, I’ll be thrilled!