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Osteopathy in the COVID Era

covid togetherness

I’m so happy to be open again for osteopathy in both Ascot and my new Kensington West London location!  COVID closed me for a short time but not forever!

My clients have been happy to see me and I have been so happy to see them.  It feels like much longer than three months since the clinic closed due to COVID.

In the meantime I kept in touch with people, slowly accessed the PPE I’d need to reopen, and waited for the number of infections to drop.  I wrote emails, risk assessments and did a lot of shopping!  I also did a lot of location searching, aiming to reopen my London clinic close to where I was before.

Everything came together, and I reopened on 1st of June to a full diary!

Things I have noticed:

  • Despite nobody being on holiday, everyone has a tan!
  • People were really suffering during lockdown – from pain to feeling alone
  • People feel reassured by the use of PPE – they aren’t quite ready to go back to ‘normal’ y et
  • People really appreciated being able to be treated – even with the new restrictions in place
  • People still have lots of questions!

So here are a few answers:

Q: What am I using to clean clinic surfaces?  
A: I’m using a combination of products including an alcohol-based spray and Clinell surface wipes.  Every surface touched is cleaned between every patient (including handles, railings, desk, bench, etc) and each room is deep cleaned between each session (AM/PM).

Q: What is in the hand sanitiser?
A: The one I’m using is 80% alcohol, 2% hydrogen peroxide, and water. That’s the WHO recommended mix. It’s a bit liquidy but it’s the best!  I strongly suggest you use hand moisturiser after you get home!

Q: Why is nobody doing sports massage?
A:  Currently face to face treatments can only be done by regulated providers because we have a public health duty and regulatory standards we have to adhere to.  Unregulated professionals don’t have to uphold these same duties.

If the powers that be and insurers went back to ‘normal’ and everyone was allowed to do a variety of treatments without these standards adhered to, it would create a public health risk.

Additionally, people like me are still required to justify in our notes why a face to face session is needed – and a sports massage (defined more as a performance enhancement and a rather than a clinical need) would not be sufficient to clinically justify a face to face session. I always offer the treatment needed and tailor sessions around your preferences (as you have to consent, after all!), but the sports massage sessions are not bookable as a separate entity as yet.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!  You can also read my full COVID POLICY. I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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