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Osteopath’s advice for back pain when working from home

With many of us having to work from home during lockdown, due to unfamiliar working conditions, more and more people will experience back pain.

As an osteopath, I help people struggling with work-related back pain all the time. Putting up with uncomfortable working conditions can lead to more severe back problems and issues with posture occurring later in life, so it is important to create a comfortable environment from the get-go.

If you have started experiencing unusual back pains as a result of working from home, here are a few of my tips and tricks to help alleviate the problem. If your pain continues, please book a back pain or neck pain consultation at my clinic in Ascot.

Before work, perform some gentle movements

Stretching, gentle yoga and circular movements of your joints are a great way to start your day.

Your commute nowadays is probably much shorter than it was before the pandemic (it could be as short as the few steps from your bedroom to the kitchen table!), so it is important to physically awaken your body before your workday begins.

Switch up your position regularly

We are most likely all aware of the best way to position yourself at your office desk. However, when working from home, you may not have suitable desk space to practice that, which could lead to back or neck pain.

Whether you’re sitting at a breakfast bar, on the sofa, or sitting on the floor with your work on a coffee table, it is important to switch around you positions to cause as little strain on your back as possible.

If possible, try and create a workspace that is most like the recommended office position:

  • Pelvis, shoulders and head should be straight facing your screen
  • Your screen should be positioned at arm’s length
  • Your keyboard must be a forearm’s length from the edge of your desk or table
  • Feet should be flat on the floor and your shoulders relaxed

Get up and take a walk every 45 minutes

Taking a few steps every 45 minutes, whether you’re getting up for a drink or simply stretching your legs is a great way to encourage blood flow to your joints.  Keeping your circulation moving helps prevent stiff muscles and developing back pain when working from home.

This will reduce the likelihood of seizing up, but should you require, my back and neck treatments will help alleviate any pain caused by this.

Actively resetting your seated position every so often will also allow you to focus on your posture – not moving for hours can lead to slouching.

Take deep breaths

Deep breaths are a great way to relieve physical tension which can lead to neck and back pain.

Every hour or so, rest your eyes (to help counteract eye strain), and take 10 deep breaths, concentrating on breathing into your belly to loosen all of your muscles.

Book a Consultation

Back pain caused by unsuitable working positions could be avoided if you follow these simple steps. If your back or neck pain persists or gets worse over time, be sure to book a consultation with me in my osteopathy clinic in Ascot or West London.

To find out more, please call 01344 243153, or book your initial consultation online today.

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