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Tracy The Osteo

Osteopathy and sports injury clinics in Warfield and Kensington offering comprehensive high quality clinical care

Osteopathic pain care that is different...

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Osteopathy, Sports Injury, Exercise Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Pain Care

Tracy Hannigan

Tracy Hannigan

BA (Psych), Registered Osteopath and ACE Certified Health Coach and Behaviour Change Specialist

I'm Tracy Hannigan

Tracy The Osteo

As a highly qualified and experienced clinician, I have seen how the physical and emotional sides of pain intersect.

You want to work and feel productive without that crick in your neck giving you a headache.

You want to hit the course on the weekend for all 18 rounds without your low back going into spasm.

You want to pick up your little one and give them a cuddle without being afraid to aggravate your pain.

You want to ace that Master's nationals and get a PB - because you've worked and trained so hard.

I use my expertise as an osteopath, my psychology and pain science background and my training as a health coach to help you with all aspects of your pain experience.

Two Osteopathy Clinic Locations - Warfield and Kensington

The Warfield osteopathy clinic serves Bracknell, Ascot, Binfield,Virginia Water

Warfield Osteopathy Clinic

Warfield Osteopathy Clinic

Located in Warfield off Walsh Drive, this osteopathy clinic features longer sessions than most within a gym setting

More About Appointments In the Warfield Clinic

The Kensington osteopathy clinic serves Kensington, Hammersmith, Holland Park and Notting Hill

  • on the southwest corner of Hyde Park on Kensington High Street
West London Osteopathy Clinic

West London Osteopathy Clinic

Part of the Kensington Sports Medicine Group, the Kensington Clinic is located in a fantastic MediSpa with a physiotherapist and GP

More About Appointments In Kensington

A few of the things I can help with

Headaches and Migraine

Head pounding? Tight band across your forehead after a long day at work? Feel like you have headaches and neck pain too?

Sports Injuries

Painful, crunchy shoulder? Go over on your ankle and still not healed?  Hammy not happy? Golf swing pain?

Joint and Muscle Aches

Do your shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows….muscles….do you just ache and hurt someplace? Everywhere?

Back Pain

 Breathing make your pain worse or better? Feel stiff and creaky? Painful back when moving your arms? 

Low Back Pain

Feel like you pulled something? Hard to stand up, or stay sitting for long? Every move an agony? Feel 10 yrs older?

Neck Pain

Wake up unable to turn your head much? Feeling neck pain that shoots into your shoulder?

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