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Arthritis Pain Treatment

Causes of arthritis

People use the word arthritis to describe joint pain  – but those pains aren’t always caused by the ‘common’ osteoarthritis pain people are used to thinking of.

Arthritis is a catch all word that means more than we often think.  Arthritis can be the ‘wear and repair’ variety often associated with older joints, joints with unusual shapes or having past trauma to a joint.  Also, it can also be part of a systemic condition, like rheumatoid arthritis.  Joint pain generally can also be part of a health condition, like ankylosing spondylitis, or associated with health conditions – like psoriatic arthritis

And did you know you can even get arthritis from food poisoning or unprotected sex?

The word arthritis is only partly correct, as well.  ‘Itis’ suggests inflammation, which is not always present.


I’ve seen Tracy now on a number of occasions for a range of problems including back pain and shoulder post surgery. She’s excellent and I’d recommend her without hesitation. She’s highly knowledgeable (and up to date on practices) and her level of experience is clearly seen in all interactions. I do a lot of sports – and have seen many healthcare professionals over the years due to various injuries – and would rate Tracy as one of the best.
Fantastic service at especially short notice.I was in a bad way with my lower back just two weeks before having to travel abroad for a golf trip, bed bound in pain i called Tracey who was my most local osteopath on my google search. She managed to get me an appointment at her ascot premises the very next day and set to work on repairing me. Two weeks later i was walking onto the plane ready for a great trip pain free.Lovely lady with extensive knowledge of her profession, set in a warm and welcoming environment. 5 stars minimum.
I highly recommend Tracy! I visited Tracy after suffering with really painful lower back pain as a result from constant exercising during the lockdown (Courtney black workouts some people may be familiar with how intense these are!) I was unable to do anything, and even walking became painful. I visited Tracy twice and it was my first time seeing an osteopath. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable! She examined my problem and gave me a set of stretches to work on every day and within one month I was able to start jogging again. I still complete these exercises most days and after every workout/run and I am almost back to normal! Thanks so much Tracy
Tracey was super professional and helpful in helping me understand the problem and to manage it moving forward. She was extremely cautious and safe in how she dealt with the situation in the current climate and I felt comfortable being around her and being touched. I had lower back problems and she gave me so many stretches I could use to help ease this and it worked very quickly! If you are struggling with your back like me then she is the one to help you. Thanks so much tracey!
After having put my back out and being in pain for a week, I went to see Tracy for help. Her treatment combined with the gentle stretches she prescribed have worked miracles. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy to anyone looking for a brilliant osteopath.
I have been suffering from shoulder, knee, and back pain for 3+ years and I have visited a lot of physios, osteopaths, etc and no one has been able to explain how to be pain-free. I have already been visited from Tracy twice and I do really appreciate her treatment and her clear explanation on how to get back playing football and exercising. The truth is that recovering from and injury and pain requires time, manipulation, and strength exercises in a progressive way and, most importantly, a person who you can trust and can help psychology. Tracy will provide all of this!!! Thank you, Tracy!!!
Tracy was brilliant today, very professional with great communication skills. Explained the issues with my back really clearly and gave some very effective treatment. I will definitely recommend her to others and visit her again!
Tracy is a wonderful Osteopath. I have tried pretty much everything for my back including expensive doctors, injections, and massages but nothing worked as well as Tracy’s method , she fixed my back!!! I am beyond happy to have found her – haven’t had a headache since my first consultation with her. The service goes beyond the consultation, she really covers ever angle with simple exercises to do at home and all support you could possibly need, she even has an app with all you need to do from home.I can’t recommend her enough – just a brilliant service – miracle worker!Natalie de Almeida
I went to Tracy for a disconfort into my lower back which was also extending to the left leg, and I was a bit worried it could affect the scaitic nerve. Eventually everything was OK, but I really enjoyed her treatement and I’m definitely planning to go back if needed.
where to begin? Tracy has helped me with my back condition for quite some time now & only, today, I had to get treatment after a considerable time (3 years) of not having to make an appointment! That’s because the treatment & program that she gave me previously worked amazingly. I can’t recommend her highly enough but not only of her expertise but as a person too!
Tracy saw me over the Christmas break when I was back home for a few days, managing to squeeze me in between Christmas and New Year. She really helped me out, taking a full and detailed history of my injury, suggesting exercises for me to work on and offering advice on the next stages of recovery. The sports massage was thorough and I definitely felt the difference the following day!
I’ve been using Tracy for the last few years and she’s been a life saver having really helped me with my back issues as well as a few other nagging injuries. She offers a caring and personal touch in regards to diagnosing and discussing what direction the treatment should go in and also is great at making the experience a pleasant one each time.
I was so happy to find Tracy and booked online at short notice. I had bad neck and back pain and could hardly turn my head. She was really welcoming and understanding and soft in her touch. No cracking! She gave me treatment, and also gave me good info about how to help it from happening again. I was given some exercises I can see on my phone too. I felt worried before but I’m on the mend now and much better!
During a competitive sports tournament, Tracy was the only one who was able to keep me going throughout the week. I had terrible back pain, piriformis syndrome, and groin tightness that followed from the above. Tracy somehow could feel exactly where the problem was and within a few treatments I was cured. She’s the real deal.
Tracy is such a professional – she gets right to the problem and has a sensitive, kind personal style. I have persistent back issues and she is making progress in a more considered way than other practitioners have in the past.
I have had consistant back pain and had a few Treatments with Tracy… With her magic hands and professional approach to my problem, I no longer have pain and I hope its for good! I super recommend her Treatment.
Tracy has worked wonders on my back! When I first visited her in 2015 I was suffering with regular back spasms and joint pain from multiple old injuries that had built up over the years. Over the course of a few treatment sessions she had helped me work out the core pain and even gave me additional treatment on an old shoulder problem that was bothering me as well as providing me with helpful advice on how to manage my recurring issues. After some more visits the work she did on my back was so good I didn’t need anymore treatments for well over year and went pain free for the longest period I can remember since the initial problems began. The service is affordable, comfortable and friendly highly recommended!
I can totally recommend Tracy. She is professional, friendly and give good advice. I had lower back problems and she got it sorted. Thanks Tracy
Thank you, Tracy, for treating my frozen shoulder. Thank you for the relaxed and friendly treatment. When I started with Tracy, it was my seventh month, I had tried a Chiropractor and though it helped with some pains, the shoulder remained totally stiff and stuck. After second treatment with Tracy, through gentle manipulation, I started getting my movements back. Though I still have inflammation in the capsulitis at the front so it is stil painful, the treatment is relaxed, and absolutely without any pain. With every session I can see me shoulder gets some more and more movements back. Thank you again.
This was my first visit to an Osteopath and I didn’t know what to expect. I had felt a certain discomfort particularly on the upper back, neck and jaw area. After a thorough examination, Tracy Hannigan clearly explained what was causing this discomfort and how she would proceed to work on the area to provide relief. I truly appreciated her caring approach – from listening to examining to explaining and then gently treating the area, putting firm yet comfortable pressure on the precise points to release tension. I felt an immediate relief! Tracy also gave me a few stretching tips, which definitely helps.
Tracy is a real miracle. I called Tracy’s practice for the first time as I was experiencing extreme lower back pain due to ensuring stress and a bad sitting position zi had developed over years. Which, in acute phase, could result in me being not able to stand/ walk. I managed to have an appointment with Tracy the next day in the morning and a series of 4 bi-weekly appointments after that. Tracy took the time to understand my condition, provide me with sitting recommendations and stop the pain in no time. Since then, I went on to a 100 miles walk across the Cotswolds and I am enjoying the outdoors fearlessly like never before !! Thanks Tracy 🙂
Tracy is fantastic. I’ve had SI joint pain for about two years, and I had been to another osteopath about a year ago without much luck. It generally would fade but not go away and then would come back more strongly again later when I was exercising or lifting things. I saw Tracy and after just a few sessions the pain was actually gone for the first time since the original injury! That was a few months ago and it still hasn’t returned, even after a trip where I was walking a lot every day with a backpack.She is also very friendly, informative and happy to answer any questions you have. She’s really accommodating with appointment times and I’ve used her website to book last-minute appointments, very convenient. I would really recommend her!
An old shoulder injury had started to get painful and affect my upper arm. It was getting extremely painful and I could not play sport, let alone play with my 3 young children.Tracy’s approach was to treat surrounding areas first before treating the shoulder. She then explained some stretches that would help recovery. It worked a charm and i’m back on the tennis court again. Tracy was friendly, a very intuitive listener and very professional.I thoroughly recommend her.
I have suffered from lower back pain for many years after a skiing accident and was recommended by a friend to see Tracy. She has assessed my problem, given great treatment and recommended stretches and activities that have been really effective.Most recently I was treated by Tracy after I was knocked off my bicycle and she was a massive help to make sure I suffered no long term problems after the accident.I have always found Tracy utterly professional and genuinely caring. Her diagnosis and treatment has been spot on and definitely improved my quality of life as a result. Her treatment has helped me to continue leading the active life that I enjoy so much.
I would like to highly recommend Tracy. She is an excellent Osteopath. Tracy is friendly, professional and very efficient. I was in agony with severe lower back pain and a sharp pain all along my right leg, I could hardly walk but after just one session with Tracy I felt so so much better.
In a word I would describe Tracy as Excellent! I visit her with thoracic back problems (which I have suffered for years), Hip and elbow injuries and she immediately gets to the root of the problem and eases me back to health. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her craft and I always leave feeling great, on the mend and ready for the world. I have seen other professionals over the years regarding my back but this is the first time I have had such a dramatic improvement to the point where I now do not see my back as a problem area! Excellent.
When Tracy first began to treat me, I had such bad lower back pain that it was unpleasant for me to walk and my self-confidence was draining away. It was probably an occupational disorder of the desk-bound and a slight scoliosis. Tracy went to work with her osteopathic magic. She has a deep knowledge of anatomy and many relevant qualifications; these are showing up in her work on various muscles of mine. This work combined with some exercises she recommended are gradually making me better as they are helping to strengthen my core muscles. She has also improved the ergonomics of my home office.I am now well on the way to being able to walk again with pleasure. I heartily recommend her work to any one with posture problems and/or back pain.
I went to a couple of osteopaths before but never got my pain problem sorted out before now. Tracey was really friendly and professional and I felt really comfortable with her. She did some treatment where my back and shoulder hurt but she also explained how a long term issue with my hip was making my back worse and treated that too. Everything she did was really gentle. We practiced an exercise to help make my back and hip move better, and then she even emailed it to me so I wouldn’t forget how to do it. After a few treatments my shoulder improved a lot and my back felt fine. If I ever need treatment again, I’m going to Tracey.

What causes the joint pain of arthritis?

Let’s stick to osteoarthritis when we say ‘arthritis’.  In this kind of arthritis, the joint itself is – for some reason – failing to undergo the normal processes of ‘wear and repair’. Cartilage tissue is constantly undergoing stresses and strains as a part of it’s job, but sometimes the usual wear and repair cycle gets disrupted.  Sometimes that is because of an injury to the joint, which overwhelms the joint’s ability to heal.  Sometimes it’s exessive strain on a joint. Theoretically, older people don’t always heal as well as younger people, which is why this might sometimes be associated with older people. Sometimes we just don’t know what is causing it.  But in these cases, the mechanical repair process that normally keep the joint healthy is failing.

When that happens, there is more wear than repair, which results in a breakdown of the cartilage in the joint.  As this happens, the bones can get closer together, causing stiffness.  As they rub a bit closer to one another, they can grow spurs which limit the movement further. All of these things can cause irritation and swelling within the joint.  And, in some cases – this can cause joint pain.  This pain comes and goes, depending on the ‘wear and repair’ cycle.

(Not always – many people have quite severe arthrits on xray but they have no pain – pain is much more complicated than can be explained by anatomy!)

What can be done to prevent arthritis?

Because it’s sometimes hard to pin down what ’causes’ arthritis, it’s difficult to know how to prevent it.  The best bet is to remain healthy and active. Keeping active keeps joints healthy and is in fact part of the treatment for arthritis! A healthy diet that aids in maintaining a normal immune system (healthy repair systems!) is bound to go a long way toward keeping your joints healthy.

What should I do if I have arthritis?

With osteoarthritis, osteopathic treatment and sometimes clinical sports massage can help you feel better, but can’t reverse the process. It will aways be provided alongside movement and strengthening exercises to help you and your joints be as healthy as possible.  There are a lot of scams out there looking to prey upon people and to sell them supplements that do nothing – I’m happy to provide some nutrition advice to help you reduce your propensity for inflammation, where appropriate.

For other kinds of arthritis, you will likely need to be under medical care as well and there may be times when treatment is not appropriate.  It’s important to both of us that you get the right care.  Read more about me, and then book in today for an assessment at either the London or Ascot clinic. We can work together to make living with arthritis as comfortable and active as possible.

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