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Neck Pain Treatment

 Neck pain is a real…..pain in the neck.

I help people with acute and chronic neck pain care with gentle hands-on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and cognitive strategies aimed at building your confidence and ability to move freely – so you get better faster.

My holistic approach to care includes my psychology background, functional nutrition and expertise in sleep therapy to support your recovery.

Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation can help with a variety of neck pains including:




Tracy Hannigan, Osteopath - Kensington
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First went to see Tracy due to a very painful bicep and shoulder blade which I had been suffering with for over a month, Tracy worked on me which was amazing on its own, she provided me with a video exercise program which was brilliant, so good being able to see how to do the exercises correctly, I could not believe how quickly results came, it was brilliant. I have been back for another issue I have and once again so impressed. Would highly recommend Tracy and I am so grateful for her help.
Response from the owner: I’m so glad you had such a positive experience! Thank you so much for your review!
After trying several osteopaths and physiotherapists in Ascot and Sunningdale with no improvement for what was diagnosed as a lower back disc/nerve injury I visited Tracy. After nine months of treatment, I have had consistent improvement from day 1. I have a training plan and guided rehab from Tracy that I have stuck to and it works. I am now doing the things that I could not attempt a year ago. I could not walk or sit for over 30 mins without pain, but now I am back in the gym and running again. I have had lots of experience with Osteopaths with over 35 years of sports injuries, this lady is the absolute real deal. Visit it her, the treatment I have had has had an amazingly positive effect on my health and well being.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review. I’m so pleased to have helped you have such a big transformation!


What kind of treatment works for neck pain?

Manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation are evidence based  treatments for mechanical and physical neck pain. Gentle hands-on treatment is very effective with neck pain that is less than a week old, and early treatment is encouraged in order to prevent the pain from being more resistant to treatment.  

Longer standing neck pain is approached most effectively by using osteopathic care, exercise rehabilitation, pilates and other strategies to promote wellbeing and to prevent it from coming back.

The goal of treatment for your neck pain is to see you doing what you want to do as soon as possible in as few sessions as possible.  Longer than average sessions means more effective and efficient care.  I don’t run my clinic based on treating large numbers of clients – I run it based on top-notch patient care.

Where can I get help?

West London Osteopathic care

My West London based Kensington Clinic is located within the Kensington Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre and serves the W8 surrounding communities of Hammersmith, Kensington, Brook Green, Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill.   

Osteopathy near Bracknell

The Ascot Osteopathy clinic is residential and serves SL5’s surrounding communities of Ascot, Bracknell, Warfield, Cranbourne, Virginia Water, and Windlesham.  

Regardless of which clinic you see me in, you’ll get high quality evidence-based and comprehensive care and and personal attention to your rehabilitation. I pride myself on my patient care and high ethical standards.  I have longer sessions than most and offer great value to my clients. I will do my best for you and if I can’t help you I’ll refer you to an appropriate part of my professional network.