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5 Real Reasons to NOT see me as your osteopath

Will it be a good match? What are they like? Will it really help? There are a lot of legitimate reasons people don’t book in to see me.  I understand that making a first appointment with someone new can be difficult.  I’m here to help!

The first one is a biggie!

You don’t know what an osteopath is

Sometimes people don’t know what an osteopath is or does, and so this makes them hesitant.  This is, thankfully, a very easy one to fix! An osteopath is a regulated healthcare professional who works primarily with their hands to help with all kinds of aches and pains.  We are trained to triage your problem and refer you if treatment is not appropriate for you.  And with me you can book online and get a free 10 minute phone chat or a 15 minute meet and greet to get to know me and how I work before deciding to book a paid session.

You don’t want gentle treatment

My approach to osteopathy is gentle and rythmic, and whatever your personally developed treatment will be it will take into account your biology, your emotional state and the history of your pain. Everyone is an individual. Also – if you are wondering – I don’t do heavy ‘cracking’ and I don’t ‘crack necks’.  All of your treatment must be with your complete consent and we discuss a plan before hand and all along the way to be sure you’re comfortable with how it is going.

You don’t want treatment quickly

It might sound strange but sometimes people want to wait a while before becoming better. Sometimes people who come to see me have waited years.  Sometimes they are waiting for a physio appointment on the NHS. Making an appointment with me is easy once they decide – appointments are often available the same day.

You don’t want a simple way to look after yourself after your treatment

I don’t sell products, supplements or equipment.  And most of the time my advice is that you don’t need anything costly or complicated to help you get well! My advice is practical (so it’s easy to do), it builds on itself (so you find success with your programme and don’t get overwhelmed), and most importantly – it really works to help people.

You don’t want good value

My treatments are really good value for the whole person wraparound care you get and the session timings. You also always get self care advice with the aim of spreading your sessions as far as possible and preventing your problem from returning once it is gone.  And when you sign up to my Facebook Page, you’ll be first to know about deals and offers.

Can you think of any other reasons to not see me? I’d be more than happy to discuss them with you.

So if you’ve changed your mind and want to book in to see me, I’d be more than happy to help. It’s time! Book now and get your pain sorted.



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